The quartz stone with a crystallized property has a very high hardness. According to the Mohs Hardness scale, the hardness of quartz is 7 sk. Therefore, it has a high abrasion scratch resistance. To the corrosive effects of chemicals shows high resistance against.

Grado Quartz Surfaces are among Class A non-combustible materials

Grado Quartz Surfaces can only be polished under factory conditions. With its daily cleaning, it preserves its first day brightness and natural vitality.

It is produced in a way that it does not create permanent stain and trace.

It is impact resistant

It is resistant to abrasion and scratching

CharacteristicsUnitRange of vVlues

DensityKg / dm³2.38 – 2.45

Water Absorption% (hacim)1.1 - 0.03

Flexual StrengthMPa40 – 58

Compressive StrengthMPa150 – 240

Surface Scratch StrengthMohs6 - 7

Resistance to Deep Abrasiong/cm²4.6 x 10-3

Coefficient of linear thermal expansionm/m°C40 x 10-6

Dimensional Stability-Class A

Resistance to chemicals acids-Not Affected

Suitability for use in kitchens-Suitable

We redesign the quartz that nature presents us in the finest ways make you design your best places, then by the move to your living space.